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 I actually have stopped drinking diet coke and caffeine in general. Drink far more herbal tea than coffee. Not eating fruit with anything else! I have continued on a weight loss journey and have lost about 10 pounds. Though I have many more to go, I’m feeling strong and much better having cut out all wheat products, sugar and eating only limited rice as an occasional carb (for the most part). Your cleanse helped boost me into my weight loss process. It was a great way to start! Thanks again for checking!

~ Julie
I have tried every weigh loss program..and have had short lives success. Including weight watchers. I know your program isn’t specifically for weight loss but I have lost 12 lbs in the 3 weeks… 6 in the first week. The program is so easy to follow and I really feel satisfied. Not deprived at all.. I have more energy, think more clearly and overall just amazing.

Thank you for designing a food plan without shakes. Those never satisfy.

~ Jack

I participated in a 21 Day Cleanse under Wendy’s guidance last year. It was such a great experience. I learned so much about healthy eating and drinking choices and felt so much better after the cleanse. Wendy is very knowledgeable and so supportive. During that three week period I was able to kick some unhealthy habits and learned about some healthy choices to incorporate into my daily life. It was well worth the time and Wendy makes it enjoyable as well!

~ Jane

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