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I worked in a health food store, received great discounts and training from supplement reps. What I had been being told and what was being marketed about probiotics is the larger number of strains and the special coating on the capsule made the probiotic better and the good ones are refrigerated. After over a year of taking a certain brand labeled CRITICAL DEFENSE and having my blood tested under a microscope, we found no major improvement. I did some research and even though the brand I found great reviews on wasn’t offered in stores and I didn’t get my discounts, I felt like I had already wasted money on an ineffective product.

I ordered the Three Lac product from Global Health. I used it for less than two month along with a product, Olive Leaf Complex by Barleans. At my next blood test, the Dr, leaned back and said she couldn’t believe this was my blood sample. It was the healthiest it had ever been and she asked what I had been doing different. I told her and she said “ Well, keep doing them, cuz they are working”

Since then, Global Health has come out with a FIVE Lac, probiotic that I take and recommend. Contrary to all I had been taught or marketed, FIVE Lac, is a great tasting powder, that doesn’t need refrigeration. It’s Easy for kids and elderly to take.

On a side note: another marketing trick is to talk about PREbiotics, which is simply fiber. Fiber feeds the probiotic and helps carry it into the body for absorption. As long as you are getting enough fiber in your diet, do not worry about all the PREbiotic boasts.

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