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Prepping for vacation. What does this look like to you? Packing a suitcase, organizing your itinerary, maybe checking out the weather, so you know what to pack. Well, Its been brought to my attention that I don’t operate like that. My week prior to a vacation, including flights with nasty recycled air and an environment that only gets wiped down in the row where a poor unfortunate person didn’t handle the turbulence so welL, looks more like this:
My countdown begins
Day 7, begin taking an herbal blend for a healthy immune system, I usually blend up my concoction including Echinacea, olive leaf, red clover, oil of oregano, and some Burdock root for good measure, but will use The Wellness Formula by Source Naturals in a pinch or when on vacation for ease and security. Sometimes, a baggie full of pills looks suspicious to security. Who knew?! Haha.
I continue these herbal supplements for the week.
Day 6, I begin guzzling water, lemon water, baking soda water, yes I said baking soda…why? Cuz it alkalizes the heck out of your body. It doesn’t take much. A pinch here and there. My goal is to drink my body weight in ounces of water for the next 2-3 days. I’ve also added Vitamin C. 1000mg/day. Epsom Salt/baking soda bath at night.

Day 5, 4,3 (and hopefully two if time allows,) 30 min infrared sauna session with increased water intake of course, in addition to the prior days supplements. The first sauna sessions usually wipe me out. So, I plan them either in the evening or when I can take a 2- hour nap. This is like the healing crisis. It happens. It’s a good thing. I just have to plan for it. I begin my day with my Fresh Greens Shake.

Day 1. I’m getting excited about my trip. Now, I start packing, looking at the weather, pulling my itinerary together, planning meals and last minute details for kids.
One last salt bath the night before my flight and a triple dose of Vitamin C 1000mg 3 times this day.
At this point, I know my body is prepared for the new germs in foreign environments that I have not built up immunity to. My only real concern…Have I packed enough shoes?

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