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    Would you recognize the symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency? Our Greatest absorbable source of Vitamin D is the sun. Actually, the sun stimulates our body’s natural ability to produce its own vitamin D, making it the most readily available and natural source. With the heavily recommended use of Sunscreens in recent years, Vitamin D deficiencies are becoming more of an issue than ever. Without sun exposure, our body loses its ability to produce the essential nutrient for our body.

Rickets, a condition most common in children, causes bone softening. I foresee this becoming a problem again as children are slathered in sunscreen. What worries me more is that it is the active sport enthusiasts who will suffer more broken bones and injuries due to lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency also impairs the immune system putting active worn down children at even greater risk of infection and disease.

Have you ever been told your child is having “growing pains”? Did you know that BONE PAIN is a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency? Here are some other symptoms: Difficulty thinking clearly, Frequent bone fractures, muscle weakness, soft bones that may result in deformities, and unexplainable fatigue. There are other contributions to Vitamin D deficiencies, such as having dark pigmented skin which won’t absorb the sun’s rays as well, exclusively breast-feeding babies for a prolonged period of time, and being obese, which typically raises your vitamin D requirements.

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